About Us

Providing catering services since 1975


The Dearmore Story

Dearmore's Bar-B-Cue started as a family run business over 35 years ago in the heart of Ventura County. Starting as a small "friends only" catering endeavor, the business soon took off as Southern California developed a taste for the delicious Santa Maria style Bar-B-Cue. The first in Southern California to bring the "pit" to you, Bobby Dearmore was known for his original Bar-B-Cue pit design, grilled to perfection tri-tip and his above and beyond customer service.

Bobby passed away on June 12, 2008 leaving his passion for Bar-B-Cue to his head chef of over 23 years, Miguel Gomez. Miguel has perfected the Dearmore style Bar-B-Cue process and proudly serves over 10,000 original Bobby Dearmore dinners a year.

Thank you for inquiring about our services. We hope we can make your event a very "special one". Please give us a call if you have any questions. We hope to hear from you soon.

Dearmore Catering Crew

Our Crew

Our experienced crew ensures quality and efficient service. Servers are responsible for set-up, maintenance, serving and clean up of the cooking and buffet areas. There is an additional cost for set-up, maintenance, and clean up of the guest eating area. That cost will vary depending upon the size and location of your event and any extra services needed.

Included Costs & Additional Services

We provide you with good quality disposable plates, flatware, napkins and cups. For a more formal affair, china service can be provided at an additional charge. We provide the serving tables with linens and all the serving utensils. We can also provide tables, chairs and linens for the guest eating area at an additional charge if needed.

Tax, Gratuity & Arrangements

Please remember to add an 18% gratuity and applicable tax to the menu price. A deposit may be required upon booking you event. Unless prior arrangements have been made with our office, payment is due in full the day of your event. We now accept Visa, MasterCard & American Express.