Our Menu

We offer more than just delicious BBQ! From seafood to pies, we will feed you our food and you'll like it, mister.


Our Dinners

All meals include chili beans, green salad and garlic bread unless otherwise specified. An extra fee may be assessed for any parties under 50 guests.


Chicken & Fish

All meals served with Rice Pilaf & Tropical Salad


All meals served with Rice, Beans, Green Salad, Salsa & Tortillas


You may add the following side dishes or substitute the beans or salad above. Beans and salads above are equivalent to $2.00. If substituting, subtract $2.00 off the price below and add the remaining cost to the above price.

Hors D'Oeuvres

All prices are per person. If you do not see an hors d'oeuvre you would like please ask!

** 30 person minimum on these selected hors d'ouevres**



All drinks except sodas and water include cups. Ice is provided for all drinks.